The reality of life 

​Walking alone under the moonlight ; suddenly I was struck with something very bright. 

The brightness of the object lit me up, Wihout giving a thought I picked it up. 

It seemed to be like a shining star, But suddenly it disappeared and went away very far.

 I could not discover what it was, but definitely something which forced me to pause .

It was something which made me to rest, I realized that life is all about troughs and crests.

 A single moment if gives you joy, the very next moment can make you cry.

Life is all about ups and downs, Either you end up with a smile or with a frown . 

Its upto you how you make it,otherwise fake it, till u make it. 

It may feel that you are wandering lonely as a cloud, but take it differently, someday this will definitely make you feel proud…. 


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