The unheard voice

Sometimes the nights are so silent that the silence within is heard loud. What is that silence? The voice which usually goes unheard. It’s realized only at the moments of hollowness and calmness. The two traits which may go together or may not. Hollowness which may be sinking you or the calmness which may be relaxing you. It’s difficult to assess but still an urge pushes towards it. 

I feel hollow. I feel lost. May be sunken, may be not. Everything is subjective. Some calm makes me happy, some calm makes me dizzy. There is a difference. The difference of perspective. The perspective which pushes me to highest highs and lowest lows. The lows and highs do not compromise. They take me for a hazzy ride. I’m happy, I’m not. I’m sad, I’m not. 
Do not know what it is. It is reflected in the mirror when I look into it. Sometimes I smile, sometimes I frown, sometimes I curse, sometimes I merry. But all I do at the end is accept. Acceptance of the reality, acceptance of the truth. Life moves on and so do we. Gradually and slowly we learn to live with it. 


The endless desire 

Looking around myself and looking into myself, I realized, that time and again we need an impetus to keep ourselves moving. While studying, we feel an urge to buy a new book because that would keep us driving or may be a new pen as it apparently make things new. While in a job, the appraisals and recognition, keeps us motivated. But when I consider the facts in concrete, I fail to understand the importance of each of these things. After a point of time everything gets redundant. There is nothing which keeps you driven forever. Or may be there is, but we don’t want to recognize it. We rely more on the baits rather than our will. We never realize that its only our own determination which keeps us going forever. We want and we want and we choose not to get out of it. 

These things may push you but not to an extent which is lasting. The need is to put yourself into all you do rather than feeling the burden of doing something new to make yourself feel new.

That invisible feeling 

The times of distress and anxiety, when you are trying to push yourself against all odds, hoping for things to fall in place, there is something within each one of us, consistently telling us to not to stop. Either that overpowers us, or other factors overpower it. There remains a very thin line between what we ought to choose. Going with the former, fills our mind with high dose of confidence and an infallible feeling. However, the latter does the opposite, making you feel restless and aimless. 

How do we know that which side of the mind is driving us? How do we let that invisible feeling drive us to satisfaction? A consistent urge to do better in all the endeavours of life makes us feel satisfied. Be satisfied within, for yourself, with yourself. Let your mind be as free as a child’s  which knows nothing but happiness. The phases of sadness are temporary. At the end, a smile puts everything else apart. Let the happiness within you, drive your mind. Let the brighter side pick the chords of your life, making a melodious musical note which sings in your mind every time you are left vulnerable, vulnerable to the other factors which overpower the invisible feeling. Let the joys be within and the minds be calm to make you a better person down the lane
Let us built a mind castle, a castle of joy and sorrow, 

But let the joy make sorrow hollow. 

Let not the mind play games with you, 

Let the game be yours, to make a better you.

Your ownself is what defines you,

Let not the  vulnerable factors predefine you. 

The promise

“And I promise”. The words spoken with utmost honesty. The promises we keep, the promises we take. The promises which take us a step closer in any relation. A promise to be there forever, a promise to keep a secret. Promises are kept in a marriage to love each other forever, to be able to cherish the moments together. But still people depart. Promises break and new promises are made. What is the line which defines that a promise was kept, or was it broken? 

I have made promises and have broken them. But does that mean that I wanted to break them or it was just the need of the hour. Is breaking promises justified? We make promises indirectly at many times. A simple promise to call a friend and not doing so is a trivial thing but a promise has been broken. A loved one departs and a promise to be there forever is broken. Different situations but a common promise. Sometimes we choose to break it and sometimes it is broken. 

The entire story gets down to the fact that there is no discretionary explanation to the breaking of promises. They are sometimes just the phrases which are said and sometimes are abided by for the entire life. 

I promise and I promise to be there, 

I promise to be just and fair;

Promises will not be meant to be broken

They will be upheld to be frozen. 

The virtue of gratefulness 

Embrace the grace of the giver. Things do not matter, what matters is the joy within. Gratefulness is not by chance, it’s  a choice you make in life. Even a smile is what you can be grateful for. 

In the hustling bustling maddling crowds, we often forget to cherish the little moments in life. Moments which have driven us to contentment. 

I wonder and I wonder and I keep wondering. “What if I would have taken out sometime from  my life to be grateful for all the things I am cherishing in life. Rather than feeling muddled for what will happen further, what if I would have lived the present by feeling satisfied”. Small yet mind boggling.

Being grateful makes you pure, it becomes a source of the strength within you. It can become a way of life. Let the tiny seedlings of gratitude grow within you. Let them reap you to destiny. Be grateful for all the things you have in life, show gratitude to all the people who have been moulding and shaping your lives. Life is too short to be disowned. Live it beautifully. Be successful, but never leave your values behind. These tiny saplings should be nourished to make you a better person. A tree would degrade and so will our lives, but let not those virtues die with you. Let the world remember you for your gratitude, your virtues. They are the ones that made you. Lets give a chance to our inner self to bloom, let’s turn denial to acceptance. Let’s be grateful for all we have. The Journey would never stop, but gratitude can nurture you at every step making you feel content. 

Be grateful for all, be grateful to all. Let’s make the bonds stronger and build our relations, for they are the ones that define our lives.

Let gratitude be the way of life, let it take away the pain and strife. 

Life is too short for carrying the ill will , lets make a way for the happiness to seep in. 

Make gratitude your attitude, life will not always  find substitutes. 

Break the shells which have stopped you, be grateful and thankful, for that what will complete you.  

” A grateful mind is a great mind which eventually attracts to itself great things. – Plato”. 

Dear Zindagi!! 

Yet another year has rolled in. A new chapter will be added to all of our lives. Let’s embrace the new challenges which will come our way and let’s thank all the times “zindagi” has given us in the past few years. The roller coaster ride is ready to roll the reel of our lives.

Before stepping into a new you, let’s cherish the moments we have shared together.

Without you I would be lifeless, you exist therefore I am. I thank you for all you have given me. A mixed bag of surprises, which sometimes made me smile, sometimes made me sad, sometimes forced me to push my boundaries, but at the end, you were a mentor, which made me learn at every step of life. 

From being a toddler who has just stepped into you, to being a person who now has the capability to understand you, I can say that you have been a constant moderator for me. Thank you “dear zindagi“. 

There were times when I felt a strong disconnect with you. I felt antagonised to you. I wanted us to move together but you wanted me to be more strong, making me ready for the unseen, undesired. Your unconditional support moulded me to be me. A person with strong resilience, will power and a clear vision for life. Though the ups and downs cannot be done away with, I would want to accept them and move forward. I would still find the roads blurry, but with you by my side, I hope to reach the top of the ladder with lot more experience and love for you. 

You made me laugh, you made me cry, 

We walked together and prepared to try. 

Trying till we succeed, 

Trying always to take a lead. 

Thank you for the gestures which helped me hang on, 

You inspired me till the end, to keep moving on.. 


The feeling of accomplishment 

When do we strike that note in our life? When does that feeling make you feel Complete? Is it when you stood up for something which was wrong? Or was it when you achieved that goal of  your life? Perceptions may be different, but feeling is the same. A small child feels accomplished by getting a toy he/she always wanted. A mother feels contented when she sees her children reaching the horizon.A person suffering from acrophobia, feels the heart fulness, when he/she reaches the top of that peak. The small things in life add up to make us accomplished. Different people with different perceptions, but at the end what makes you accomplished is you. That you, who has strived hard to get the toy always desired for, the goal always aimed for. Feel accomplished, feel contented in every small thing you do in life. Those tiny steps lead to the biggest milestones you can achieve. Be happy and spread the smiles, accomplishment will tag along the mile. 
P. S. I missed that feeling by some whiskers.