Often it is hard for all of us to accept the changes we experience in life. Our “used to” attitude does not let us leave our comfort zones. We want things to move the way we want and the moment the track is deviated, the feelings of uneasiness, discomfort take over us. These feelings make us repel ourselves. We try to get in the “used to” loop again. But often what we forget is that change is the law of nature. Whatever you resist, it persists. Often this tussle leads to endless episodes of ups and downs. 

The only way we can help ourselves is to embrace the changes around us, be more flexible to trying new things. Most importantly, it becomes imperative for us to accept the people around us as they are rather than trying to mould them the way we want. Be more open, more flexible. Things would be simpler and easy to go with. 


Life as we know it or perhaps not 

​Once a friend told me that I had been a disappointment all through this time. Strangely, I didn’t feel bad at all. The reason was that he was one of those few persons who stood by my side every time. He wanted me to explore myself completely and move forward getting out the best of me. I’m still a disappointment for all such people around me who have always wanted me to be the best. But still I have a faith, a belief that there will be a day when I will be on the other side of the table. The disappointment would turn  into a feeling of proud. If you ask about the present, I’m confused, kind of a mixed bag of emotions. Apparently moving just with the flow or rather against it. But still my heart tells me not to stop, not to get bogged down. I may be at this moment but still await the moment when I will value every tide of time which swept me, which made me realise the importance of every single moment in my life. Life is not only about achieving goals just because you want to do so. It’s more about learning at every step, learning to get the best out of you, because at the end of the day what counts the most is your own happiness and satisfaction. So don’t lay back, lean forward and take the first step. Every step matters and every minute counts. 

Life of you and me.. 

Like every other person, I too dreamt big, wanted to turn every dream into reality. Always close, but still too far. May be this is how it is. You know, sometimes you feel like you are the only one going through the turmoil, but there are so many around. You don’t even realise how things shape up the next moment. Sometimes in your favour, sometimes against you. What is the call at that moment? To sit back and let it be? Not really….  

Actually the answer is within you. Do all you can. Do what is right, what you want to do for your satisfaction. Nobody moulds yours life. It’s you and only you. Take up your life in your hands and move on. Stopping for no reason won’t give any result. Running for some reason may help you reach the stars. 
Today I stand at a point in life where I really don’t know what’s going to happen next, but still I’ll keep trying, hoping to reach where I aspire to be. And may be this is where it will begin….

The reality of life 

​Walking alone under the moonlight ; suddenly I was struck with something very bright. 

The brightness of the object lit me up, Wihout giving a thought I picked it up. 

It seemed to be like a shining star, But suddenly it disappeared and went away very far.

 I could not discover what it was, but definitely something which forced me to pause .

It was something which made me to rest, I realized that life is all about troughs and crests.

 A single moment if gives you joy, the very next moment can make you cry.

Life is all about ups and downs, Either you end up with a smile or with a frown . 

Its upto you how you make it,otherwise fake it, till u make it. 

It may feel that you are wandering lonely as a cloud, but take it differently, someday this will definitely make you feel proud….