That invisible feelingĀ 

The times of distress and anxiety, when you are trying to push yourself against all odds, hoping for things to fall in place, there is something within each one of us, consistently telling us to not to stop. Either that overpowers us, or other factors overpower it. There remains a very thin line between what we ought to choose. Going with the former, fills our mind with high dose of confidence and an infallible feeling. However, the latter does the opposite, making you feel restless and aimless. 

How do we know that which side of the mind is driving us? How do we let that invisible feeling drive us to satisfaction? A consistent urge to do better in all the endeavours of life makes us feel satisfied. Be satisfied within, for yourself, with yourself. Let your mind be as free as a child’s  which knows nothing but happiness. The phases of sadness are temporary. At the end, a smile puts everything else apart. Let the happiness within you, drive your mind. Let the brighter side pick the chords of your life, making a melodious musical note which sings in your mind every time you are left vulnerable, vulnerable to the other factors which overpower the invisible feeling. Let the joys be within and the minds be calm to make you a better person down the lane
Let us built a mind castle, a castle of joy and sorrow, 

But let the joy make sorrow hollow. 

Let not the mind play games with you, 

Let the game be yours, to make a better you.

Your ownself is what defines you,

Let not the  vulnerable factors predefine you.