The unheard voice

Sometimes the nights are so silent that the silence within is heard loud. What is that silence? The voice which usually goes unheard. It’s realized only at the moments of hollowness and calmness. The two traits which may go together or may not. Hollowness which may be sinking you or the calmness which may be relaxing you. It’s difficult to assess but still an urge pushes towards it. 

I feel hollow. I feel lost. May be sunken, may be not. Everything is subjective. Some calm makes me happy, some calm makes me dizzy. There is a difference. The difference of perspective. The perspective which pushes me to highest highs and lowest lows. The lows and highs do not compromise. They take me for a hazzy ride. I’m happy, I’m not. I’m sad, I’m not. 
Do not know what it is. It is reflected in the mirror when I look into it. Sometimes I smile, sometimes I frown, sometimes I curse, sometimes I merry. But all I do at the end is accept. Acceptance of the reality, acceptance of the truth. Life moves on and so do we. Gradually and slowly we learn to live with it.