The promise

“And I promise”. The words spoken with utmost honesty. The promises we keep, the promises we take. The promises which take us a step closer in any relation. A promise to be there forever, a promise to keep a secret. Promises are kept in a marriage to love each other forever, to be able to cherish the moments together. But still people depart. Promises break and new promises are made. What is the line which defines that a promise was kept, or was it broken? 

I have made promises and have broken them. But does that mean that I wanted to break them or it was just the need of the hour. Is breaking promises justified? We make promises indirectly at many times. A simple promise to call a friend and not doing so is a trivial thing but a promise has been broken. A loved one departs and a promise to be there forever is broken. Different situations but a common promise. Sometimes we choose to break it and sometimes it is broken. 

The entire story gets down to the fact that there is no discretionary explanation to the breaking of promises. They are sometimes just the phrases which are said and sometimes are abided by for the entire life. 

I promise and I promise to be there, 

I promise to be just and fair;

Promises will not be meant to be broken

They will be upheld to be frozen.