The endless desireĀ 

Looking around myself and looking into myself, I realized, that time and again we need an impetus to keep ourselves moving. While studying, we feel an urge to buy a new book because that would keep us driving or may be a new pen as it apparently make things new. While in a job, the appraisals and recognition, keeps us motivated. But when I consider the facts in concrete, I fail to understand the importance of each of these things. After a point of time everything gets redundant. There is nothing which keeps you driven forever. Or may be there is, but we don’t want to recognize it. We rely more on the baits rather than our will. We never realize that its only our own determination which keeps us going forever. We want and we want and we choose not to get out of it. 

These things may push you but not to an extent which is lasting. The need is to put yourself into all you do rather than feeling the burden of doing something new to make yourself feel new.